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A new resource to develop the imagination of Key Stage 2 learners

Following recent funding from the Welsh Government's Welsh in Education Resources Branch, Peniarth has published a new resource which offers pupils opportunities to present information, ideas and opinions through listening, collaborating and discussing, in order to stimulate their oral skills.

Llun a Thrin is a resource pack containing 30 sets of colourful cards containing images that will give learners the opportunity to interperate what they see, use their imagination and express their opinions. . As well as containing a collection of various images, Llun a Thrin offer teachers ideas for discussion and discussion questions.

Cerys Gruffydd, Headteacher of Ammanford Primary School, who collaborated with Peniarth to trial the resource with their pupils in the development process, said: “It's always nice to have a new Welsh medium resource, such as Llun a Thrin. It feeds the literacy skills framework perfectly. Although targeted for developing literacy skills, it offers opportunities to develop thinking skills and group discussion skills. The practical activities can be done under the guidance of a teacher, assistant teacher, or independently, and all the skills that come from it are very valuable ”.

The resource has been funded by the Welsh Government and authoured by Bethan Clement and Non ap Emlyn, who are very experienced in creating and developing appealing and popular resources for the education sector in Wales. Mr Gwydion Wynne said, “We are delighted to be able to announce Llun a Thrin, and to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the authors Bethan Clement and Non ap Emlyn once again, following funding from the Welsh Government. The resource looks great, and it is rich in content, providing multiple opportunities to stimulate various discussions with pupils. The feedback from the tiralling stages has been excellent, and we now look forward to seeing the response of pupils and schools in school classrooms across Wales following its publication ”.

In addition to the print resource, Peniarth has developed a range of interactive online activities to support the resource. These materials are available for free on HWB, the Welsh Government’s digital platform for learning and teaching in Wales.

Llun a Thrin is available to purchase from Peniarth’s online shop, or from your local bookshop for £14.99.