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New educational story books and poems to inspire children to explore and discover outdoors

Renowned and popular authors, Mererid Hopwood and Tudur Dylan Jones have published two series of new children’s storybooks and poems with Peniarth. Together, the complete set includes sixteen books, eight per series, and follows the adventures of the series’ main characters Betsan and Roco as they explore the town’s evironment.

Themes of each book in both series range from stories about animals that can be seen within the town, to stories about the different sounds heared within towns, and colours and foods from around the world.

Part-funded by the Welsh Government's Welsh in Education Resources Branch, the books offer an opportunity to raise children's awareness of their environment, as well as encourage them to enjoy by exploring, inquiring, experimenting, to ask questions and to find answers.

Both Archwilio'r Amgylchedd yn y dref series were launched at Carmarthen town market on Friday, 10 January 2020, with a treasure hunt for the children of Ysgol y Dderwen and Ysgol Llangunnor, led by authors Mererid Hopwood and Tudur Dylan Jones, as they explore the market’s environment.

We, almost all of us, tend to rush through a place like the local market without pausing to look and see, to hear sounds and smells and to marvel at the world around us. Hopefully, these little books will help get the children and their leaders to pause from time to time and enjoy their environment, be it rural or urban, village or city - Mererid Hopwood.

In addition to the books, each complete pack comes with a set of challenge cards for each book as well as posters. The challenge cards offer teachers ideas on specific activities that can be done linked to each book.

Archwilio'r Amgylchedd yn y dref were the first books to be published by Peniarth following the launch of their new brand and logo as part of the Centre's tenth anniversary celebrations in 2019. The Centre adopted the Falcon as its new logo, a bird that appears in a notable illustration within one of the Peniarth manuscripts. Mr Gwydion Wynne, Director of Peniarth, said, "The falcon is a bird that symbolises vision, freedom and victory, and here at Peniarth we are fully committed to providing products and services that will provide the children and young poeple of Wales with the vision and freedom to flourish and triumph throughout their lives, and this latest series contributes greatly to this vision, encouraging children from a very young age to enjoy exploring the environment and finding solutions ”.

Both series are available to purchase as complete sets, or individually from Peniarth's online shop, or from your local bookstore.