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New series of reciprocal reading to improve understanding of reading

Peniarth has launched a series of new reading books that have been specifically authored for reciprocal reading. With one of the series' books exploring the history of the Royal Charter wreck off the coast of Anglesey, the new series was launched with Moelfre Primary School pupils at Moelfre RNLI Visitor Centre, where there is a memorial and exhibition looking back on the Royal Charter's story.

Reciprocal reading is a strategy to improve understanding of reading, and the aim of reciprocal reading books is to equip 7 to 11-year-olds with the skills necessary to self-improve their understanding of unfamiliar texts. Peniarth's Cnoi Cil series includes six books that offer many opportunities to stimulate group discussion.

Authored by Mererid Hopwood, Tudur Dylan Jones, and Sian Vaughan, the series includes books on a variety of topics, from the history of our national anthem, Welsh football and the Wales Rally GB, to the story of Dic Penderyn, Paul Robeson and the The Royal Charter.

To help stimulate discussion among a team of readers, the books include a set of role cards, with a total of five roles: Predictor, Calrifier, Questioner, Summoriser and Leader

Mr Gwydion Wynne, said, "The Cnoi Cil series is very different to the other series of books we have published over the years in that they have been authored specifically for reciprocal reading, and is one of the very few reciprocal reading book series available in Welsh. There are a wealth of diverse themes within the books that will stimulate a wider discussion, with each book having a specific section that encourages learners to practice their speaking and listening skills by recalling some of the facts they have learned from the reading”.

As these books are for reciprocal reading, they come as a set of five, for £9.99, and also includes a set of role play cards. A complete set of the series, five copies of each of the six titles, can be purchased for £50. Full details of all the titles can be found on the Peniarth's online shop.