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Aur am Air

An exciting and colourful app full of interactive activities and games to support spelling skills in Welsh from the Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4.

An attractive resource that promotes the independent learning of children and young people and supports the Welsh language in school and at home.


Produce an app that will assess the learner's literacy levels at the start of the program through a diagnostic test to see what level they are at (in terms of letter recognition and letter combining, and building up to spelling skills levels). The app will then guide you through a series of suitable games / activities to support spelling development in Welsh. This will be an attractive resource to promote independent learning and support teachers' work in the classroom.

Our Approach:

Following receiving funding from the Welsh Government to develop the App, Canolfan Peniarth worked with teachers and language specialists across Wales, additional learning needs specialists in particular, to ensure that the app could also be used to support learners who would sometimes struggle to recognise and learn letter and word sounds in Welsh. It includes a range of engaging games and activities for pupils of all ages, and ability, and can be used to support work already done in the classroom and also to promote independent learning.