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Tric a Chlic

An original Welsh phonics synthetic scheme, which has recently been adapted for schools that teach Welsh as a second language.

There are 3 levels to Tric a Chlic;

Level 1 - Step 1 presents words, consonants, vowels, consonants. The pack includes 28 books (6 of each); picture and word cards, handbook with a step by step guide, a CD-rom that includes assessment sheets, certificates, additional worksheets, parent support and much more that can be printed at your convenience.

Level 2 presents four letter words with consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant and consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant words and finishing this level with two syllable words.

Level 3 presents words which have the same sound but the spelling is different and words that have the same spelling but the sound is different and finishing this level with multi-syllable words. The pack includes 10 books (6 of each); word cards, reading cards.